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I set up mediawiki but unfortunately forgot the admin password and furthermore i hadn’t set up the admin password. So the quick thing to do was to try to try and reset the password via my  phpmyadmin but I couldn’t do so. The user password field is in binary format. See the screenshot below :


Therefore I run this mysql statement to reset the password:

UPDATE [user] SET user_password = MD5(CONCAT(user_id, ‘-’, MD5(’newpassword‘))) WHERE user_id = uid

Where [user] = users table
uid = user id

A client yesterday wanted a background image to be linked to a certain link. Well at first I didn’t know how to go about it, till I remembered in wordpress templates they usually link the header image to the homepage by:

<div id="header" onclick="location.href='<?php bloginfo('url');?>';" style="cursor:pointer;"></div>

So if you want to make a div into a link, you can do it like this:

<div onclick="location.href='';" style="cursor:pointer;"></div>

I had a website project and had a tight time schedule , I first deployed the website using typo3 but oops I got stuck on the way.  Typo3 requires alot of learning and support is quiet scarce.

I run into CMS Made Simple via google and walaaah!! It had the features I required and on trying it out….I was able to deploy my website project within six hours. The documentation and online support is awosome. If  CMS Made Simple was a girl, I could have married her…lol.

Props to CMS Made Simple developers.

Today my PC had some problems either OS/virus and tried running a CHKDSK /F on my hard drive but instead i run into this error:

chkdsk is vertifying files <stage 1 of 3>….
File vertification completed
Correcting cross-link for file 8
chkdsk is vertifying indexes <stage 2 of 3>
deleting index entry w3svc.dll in index $130 of file 71.
deleting index entry in index $130 of file 71.
deleting index entry in index $130 of file 71.
Index verification completed.

Errors found. CHKDSK cannot continue in read only mode

I restarted my machine in safe mode , did another CHKDSK /F and phew some corrupt files were fixed . My machine is okay!!

I have been doing some file uploads for a while via FTP and whenever I log in to an FTP account, I go straight to www directory. But if you take a closer look, there are several directories on the root directory e.g
-> www
-> tmp
Ever wondered what they are meant for? I asked myself that question the other day and did some look up about it.


» public_html – This is the root directory where you upload your web pages or files to be viewable to web browsers and you usually access the files by typing something like

» public_ftp – This is the root directory for your anonymous FTP site. This is where you upload/store your files to be downloaded by users or by you as opposed to viewing them . The files are accessed via

» www – This directory is a symbolic link for public_html and it is the exact same directory.

» mail – This is the directory where all your mail is stored. Do NOT change permissions on this directory, or mail may fail to work.

» tmp – This is the directory where misc. information such as web statistics are stored. Do NOT change permissions on this directory, or your web stats may fail to work too.

Next time you do some file uploads via FTP, atleast now you have some clue about the various directories in your FTP account.